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By some estimates, approximately 108 billion people have lived on this planet since our species came into existence.  Nearly 7.5 billion of those people are alive today.  Each one of them – correction – each one of US is unique.  But each one of us (including those yet to be born) has one thing in common with everyone else.  We are ALL born with the “human condition.”  The human condition can be loosely defined as “those things that make us uniquely human” – our emotions, our triumphs, our fallibility, our intellect, our imperfections – the list goes on and on.  This condition makes us unique from all other life on the planet.


"We struggle and celebrate in ways no other creature does."




At 421, we use the term “Human Experience” to describe what it's like for us, as humans, trying to live out our lives with the human condition.  The Human Experience encompasses all of the ups and downs we experience in life simply because we’re imperfect beings. 

A portion of what we experience in life happens to us, and to us alone, because of the choices we make for ourselves.  We run late because we chose to snooze the alarm.  We ace a pop quiz because we studied hard.  We regret never saying “I love you” to someone because we were too scared.

Beyond ourselves, a better portion of our Human Experience exists because we live with those “other” 7.5 billion planet-sharing, imperfect beings.  Whether it's through unselfish love, deadly conflict, mutual cooperation, or complete indifference towards another, we ALL succeed, struggle, or fail in concert with other people.  Our Human Experiences are inextricably intertwined.

What if you could be better for yourself?  What if we could do better for each other? Well, the good news is, we all can!  What’s more, many of us truly WANT to be and do better.



Signs that we yearn for a better Human Experience are all around us.  Everyday.  Think of all the New Year’s resolutions and self-promises you’ve ever made to yourself.  Think of the promotion you’ve been working so hard for.  Think about the untold number of people around the world struggling to escape poverty or the throws of addiction.  Think of the lonely person simply wanting to know someone cares. These are examples of us, as humans, yearning for a better Human Experience.  The hard part is we often don’t know what or how to change in order to have that better experience.




Whether you want to CHANGE a single habit, ACHIEVE a long-desired goal, or TRANSFORM your life, 421 can provide you with the inspiration, hope, and power that you need to change your Human Experience.

- Inspiration

The need for change does not always come as a hard slap in the face.  Sometimes it’s felt as a vague restlessness in our hearts or minds that we can’t quite define.  Other times, we know we’re stuck in life but we have no idea what to do, so we accept it and live in the status quo.  And still other times we are completely blind to the fact that a change is desperately needed - sometimes to the point of saving our lives.

At 421 we provide the INSPIRATION that will awaken you to the possibilities of a better Human Experience and help you find a sense of purpose and direction for your life.  We help you explore your core values, identify your gifts & talents, and help you create a vision for who you want to become.

- Hope

The truth is, you’re not the first person to try to change your Human Experience.  In that statement alone, there is HOPE.  You might believe the obstacles ahead of you are so big they can’t be overcome.  You may feel your circumstances are so unique that nobody could ever understand.  You may simply not know what to do.

But we do.  The people of 421 have been down this path in our own lives.  By sharing stories from our own experiences and helping you master the process of change, we will show you that a better Human Experience is possible.  We will give you the HOPE you need to start down the path towards your vision.

- Power

We all know how to change – it’s simple, right?  Clearly state our goal, create a plan, muster up the willpower, and work the plan.  Yet most of us still fail significantly more than we succeed (think back to your last New Year’s resolution…).  Why?

Why do we all struggle with changing just about everything and anything in ourselves and in our lives?  There are many reasons (excuses) we give for why we fail.  Some of the biggest excuses include our lack of motivation, willpower, or time.

But the real answer is simply that, no matter how much they want, need, or are ready for “a” change, most people aren’t truly prepared for the effort that “the” change will require. They are ready for the outcome but not the effort that’s required to achieve the outcome.

At 421 we set you up for success by ensuring you are ready for the change effort.  We do this by first helping you understand the universal stages of change and the actions needed to move through the stages.  Then, we provide you with the skills and the tools that will allow you to move through the stages with intent and purpose, ultimately leading you to sustained personal growth and achievement. 

421 gives you the POWER to change your Human Experience.


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