Created to Serve.  Qualified by Experience.

The mission of 421 is simple and personal: to use what we've learned in our own lives to help you improve your Human Experience.  That's it.

We have a passion for personal growth and achievement.  We've studied it.  We’ve lived it.  We know it can be done.  More importantly, we know how to do it with awareness, intent, and purpose.  At the same time though, we’ve watched as others have struggled or become stuck, even to the point of giving up.  So, because of who we are at our core, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to turn around and help others who may be trying to find their way along the same path we’ve just come down.

We're 421 and we're changing the Human Experience.


Chad Emerson, Founder

Chad founded 421, LLC as an organization dedicated to providing people with the inspiration, hope, and power they need in order to change their Human Experience.

Prior to founding 421, Chad has spent more than 25 years in the corporate arena guiding individuals and organizations in their development efforts.  While working with Fortune 500 companies in the leadership development field, Chad observed and began documenting the process of change that individuals and teams naturally followed as they worked to improve their performance.  Chad found that, despite the specifics of the individual's or team’s development needs, the underlying change process followed common steps. 

Through additional study and research, Chad refined his model.  In May of 2015 Chad left the corporate world and founded 421 which became 421, LLC in September of 2017.  Through 421, Chad has used his process-of-change framework to help hundreds of individuals change their Human Experience.

Chad holds undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science from Concordia College and an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Minnesota.  Chad is also a proud graduate of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.

We saved a few, but not enough. After all, we were all brothers.
— Michael L.
I’ve worked with a substantial number of very diverse people over the course of my career and the fundamental struggle is the same. The core - the human condition - affects us all. The stories are different but the human need is the same. To live and love beautifully in the short time we have.
— Chad